My working method

Whether I am acting as interpreter or translator, I observe strict confidentiality concerning all persons or entities involved in the assignment, unless I am under a legal obligation to divulge such information. If I contract out work to colleagues or employees, they are also bound to strict confidentiality. The duty of confidentiality remains in force even after completion of the assignment.

As an interpreter I am independent and impartial; I facilitate communication between the parties and remain as impartial and neutral as possible. A proper course of the communication sometimes requires an active intervention from the interpreter to prevent or to clear up any misunderstanding or lack of understanding, especially when this is caused by a clash of cultures. In such situations, I exercise the utmost restraint and caution. For instance: During a conversation one of the participants used the words trial period in the meaning of a period of probation. The moderator thought the speaker meant the period during which the court hearings were held. I intervened by saying, “Excuse me, may I just make a comment?” and explained to the participants what I had observed. The misunderstanding was cleared up and the participants were able to continue their conversation.

Thorough preparation
In order to provide optimum service, I always prepare my assignments thoroughly. It is important for me to receive the proper and extensive background information about the subject. However, I do understand that it may be somewhat complicated to provide the information in time; in those cases my know-how and the experience gained in the present and previous assignments is very useful.

Continuous education
As a sworn interpreter/translator I have to maintain my level of professional know-how and competence, and have to stay informed of the developments within the profession. I enjoy keeping up to date with new developments and learning new subjects.

Listed in the Register
I am listed in the Register of sworn interpreters and translators as sworn interpreter/translator.

I observe the code of conduct for sworn interpreters and translators.

My registration number is 610.

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