Interpreting and translating are two different disciplines that help people understand each other, even though they do not have a common language. As an interpreter, I communicate English spoken language into Dutch and vice versa. There are various options:

Simultaneous interpreting
This form of interpreting takes place in many different situations, with or without interpreting equipment. I have been an interpreter for nearly 15 years, and still find the interpreting process quite special and somewhat mysterious. When interpreting simultaneously, I listen to the words in one language and communicate these words almost immediately into the other language. Switching between these two languages happens very fast.

• Interpreting from an interpreter’s booth
Standard practice in a booth is for two interpreters to work together. The soundproof booth is located at the back of the room. It is very important for the interpreters to be able to see and hear the speakers properly. Examples of situations when a booth is used are international congresses and meetings, annual general meetings of shareholders, European Works Council meetings, and presentations for an international audience.

• Simultaneous interpreting using a tour guide system
If there are only a few participants at your meeting, you could use a tour guide system, also called a whisper system. I use a microphone, speak very softly and the listeners hear me through their headsets.

• Simultaneous interpreting without equipment (whispered interpreting)
In these situations I interpret the spoken words for one or two listeners, speaking to them directly.

Consecutive interpreting
In these situations, I listen to the speaker and take notes. After the speaker has spoken during a short time, I interpret these words into the other language. This means that no equipment is required, but it takes more time than simultaneous interpreting.

Combination of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting
During court sessions, or during the execution of deeds at the civil-law notary’s office, a combination of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting is used.

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